Wooden Pallets Gallery

Wooden Pallets

We manufacture Wooden Pallets designed to meet the requirements of the Customers. Our Pallets are made from Quality raw material of different species of wood as per the specification of the Customers and designed to be sturdy. We also manufacture Wooden Pallets which are ISPM 15 Compliant.

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Plywood Pallets

Our Plywood Pallets are made to meet as well as exceed your expectations of strength, dryness, durability as well as price. We use optimum grade raw material and customize the Plywood Pallet as per the specification of the Customers.

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Wooden Boxes

We make Wooden Boxes of unmatched Quality. These Wooden Boxes provide sound storage space and safe transporting of your valuable products. They are in high demand because of their strength / durability and capacity to withstand the required weight. Our wooden boxes are manufactured under strict Quality Control mechanism to ensure their flawlessness. The Wooden Boxes are also available as per ISPM 15 Standards for International Trade and are fit for Export.

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Plywood Boxes

We render Plywood Storage Boxes that are designed to cater the requirements of various Customers. These are available in different shapes and sizes with unmatched Quality and at the best competitive prices.

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Heat Treated Pallets

Wood packaging material such as crates, boxes, packing cases, Dunn age, pallets, cable drums, and spools/reels etc are used for packing exportable goods can be carriers of various insect pests and diseases like borer, mites, termites and fungi, bacteria’s, etc. Due to liberalization of trade consequent upon signing of WTO agreement many countries have imposed varied and stringent phytosanitary measures to safeguard their forest and biodiversity from exotic pests.

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